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I watched the New Hampshire coverage last night because I am a political junkie.  I'm not sure if I like the new and improved use the same speech mode that Obama and Edwards are using.  I complained to Spart that we heard Edwards' speech last week in Iowa.  This election is shaping up to be an interesting one and very important in American History.  It is really the first time we've had a VIABLE woman or African-American.  I think the US is ready for one or the other but not both on the same ticket.  I think Edwards would make a good veep again.  A lot can happen within the next few primaries.  I think the American public is tired of being told who to vote for and that is why we are having such an interesting turn-out so far.  I also feel that by and large the apathetic voters are turning out because they don't want a leader that they did not choose.  I haven't decided who I am voting for in the primary yet.  Spart and I turned in our voter registration today but I am not sure if we made it in time.  It would be very interesting to see how campaigns are working this year.  I worked on one in Indiana in 2000.  That was an experience to say the least.  It looks like everyone is going for a grass roots approach, but that can and will backfire.  I was very surprised that Rudy did not make a better showing in New Hampshire yesterday.  I had him pegged to be the winner.  If I had to support a Republican, I would proably come closest supporting him.  As a Democrat, I'm very torn.  I took the meme a few days ago, and it said Richardson.  I know this sounds crazy, but I want to make the most of my vote.  That is the problem with having a Poli Sci degree.  I know that if I voted with my heart a lot of times, I am throwing my vote away.  I need the most bang for my vote.  I'm not sure if Hillary or Obama is getting my support.  I havent' decided who is the most likely to win the White House.  At th is point, I feel Obama is simply because Hillary is so hated by so many.  It is awful, but true.  I have made protest votes before.  In the Texas governor's race a few years ago, I was disgusted with all the candidates.  Perry is a second banana to a second banana and the Dem was someone I had never heard of.  I wrote in my best friend's husband, Ricardo, on the ballot.  Of course, Texas has this idea that voting is on a need to know basis.  Most of the time, Spart and I found out about the election after it happened.  I like that Oklahoma wants people to vote and reminds them all the time.  I think I will stay away from predicting elections because so far, I have been dead wrong.


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