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[Error: unknown template qotd] I have a lovely story behind my name.  My name is Sahona Christine.  I am an adopted only child of two people who have four other siblings.  My parents had no idea what they were getting.  They agreed on a boy's name:  Terrance Dean.  I'm not sure where the Terrance came from, but Dean is my dad's middle name.  His name is Donald Dean, and he is named after my grandma's favorite singers, Donald O'Connor and Dean Martin.  Anyway....they couldn't agree on a girl's name.  My dad wanted to name me Michelle Renee.  My mom wanted to name me Margo Dawn after the two of them.  Her name is Margaret.  Dad did not like Margo Dawn, and Mom thought that Michelle Renee was too common and ordinary.  My grandad put in his two cents and said that I should be named Penelope Esmerelda.  I have no idea why. 

They picked me up from the hospital still without a name.  They were very excited about it.  They finally agreed upon Christine but couldn't figure out what went with it.  Dad said "Sahona," which prompted Mom to ask him how to spell it.  They decided upon this spelling.

When I was working at Wal-Mart in Dallas, I had a couple who would come through my line about once a week.  One day they asked me if I knew what my name meant, and I said no that my parents made it up.  They told me that I was mistaken and that my name is a real name.  They added that their daughter was named the same thing only my parents misspelled it.  It is an Indian name.  (I'm not sure which dialect.)  It is supposed to be spelled Sahana.  It means patience and is a musical scale.  When my parents found out that my name meant patience, they laughed because I am not patient in the slightest.


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